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Associate membership

Associate membership agreements can be made between EMBO, EMBC and the government of a non-EMBC Member State.

These agreements allow scientists in EMBC Associate Member States access to the EMBO Programmes and activities, including post-doctoral fellowships, scientific exchange grants, courses and workshops, and the Young Investigator Programme. They also have access to the Global Investigator Network, a networking scheme for young group leaders based in partner countries of EMBO.

Associate member states contribute a reduced membership fee to EMBC: 75% of an equivalent EMBC (full) member state contribution. All new member states may apply for a discount of 33.3% for the first three years of membership. An EMBC associate member state gains observer status in EMBC.

Current EMBC Associate Member States are India and Singapore.

Contact information
IndiaAbhishek Singh
Manish Rana
SingaporeBenjamin Toh