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Strategic Working Party

The Strategic Working Party of the Conference considers topics of strategic relevance to the EMBC and provides advice to the EMBC. The Strategic Working Party does not have any executive role in the actions of the EMBC. The President of EMBC is the Chair of the Strategic Working Party.

Membership of the Strategic Working Party includes the officers of EMBC (the President, the Secretary General, the Vice Presidents and the Chair of the Finance Committee) and selected ad personam representatives from the five major EMBC Member States (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom) and representatives from all of the geographical zones (Scandinavia, the Mediterranean countries, the Central European countries, the British Isles and the Benelux countries).

Current members of the Strategic Working Party

  • Leszek Kaczmarek (Poland), President EMBC (Chair)
  • Lucia Banci (Italy), Vice President EMBC
  • Virginijus Siksnys (Lithuania), Vice President EMBC
  • Barbara Ohnesorge (Germany), Secretary General EMBC
  • Claudio Sunkel (Portugal), Chair Finance Committee
  • Elena Hoffert (France)
  • Eirikur Steingrimsson (Iceland)
  • Hemma Bauer (Austria)
  • Anna Akhmanova (Netherlands)
  • Boris Turk (Slovenia)
  • Angela Nieto (Spain)
  • Mark Palmer (United Kingdom)