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EMBO and EMBC aim to strengthen links between scientists from the EMBC member states and scientists from other regions of the world.

In order to achieve this goal, EMBO and EMBC can establish agreements with governments or with organizations that share similar objectives.

There are two levels of cooperation currently in place: Co-operation agreements and associate membership.

  1. Co-operation agreements

    Co-operation agreements can be made between EMBO, EMBC and

    1. the government of a non-EMBC member state
    2. a national body from a non-EMBC member state
    3. other organizations

    These agreements allow scientists from a specific country or region to gain access to a subset of the EMBO programmes and activities.

    The new partner is expected to contribute with a fixed amount towards the related costs of these activities. All activities should involve scientists from the scientific communities represented by EMBO/EMBC and by the new partner.

    When the co-operation agreement is established with the government or a national body of a sovereign state, it should be regarded as an exploratory instrument and a stepping-stone towards associate membership of EMBC.

    Current partnerships between EMBO, EMBC and external organizations were established with the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of Taiwan and with the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT) of Chile.


  2. Associate membership

    Associate membership agreements can be made between EMBO, EMBC and the government of a non-EMBC Member State.

    These agreements allow scientists in EMBC Associate Member States to have access to the EMBO's programmes and activities including post-doctoral fellowships and short-term fellowships, courses and workshops, and the Young Investigator Programme.

    Associate member states contribute a reduced membership fee to EMBC: 75% of an equivalent EMBC (full) member state contribution. All new member states may apply for a discount of 33.3% for the first three years of membership. An EMBC associate member state gains observer status in EMBC.

    Current EMBC Associate Member States are India and Singapore.



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